I'm excited to deviate from the usual Fifth Circuit news to tell you about an exciting case Matt Zorn--another Yetter Coleman lawyer--and I just filed in the D.C. Circuit: In re Scottsdale Research Institute, LLC.  You can check out the petition and appendix here and here.

Here's the preliminary statement:

The next phase of this case will be coordinating an amicus curiae effort. If you are interested in assisting us in that regard--either as a lawyer drafting an amicus brief or as person or organization interested in filing a brief--please contact Adrian Snead, a lawyer at Whiteford Taylor Preston, LLP, who is helping us on that front. Adrian's e-mail address is asnead@wtplaw.com.

Filed Today: Mandamus Petition Asking the CADC to Compel the AG and DEA to Act on SRI's Application to Manufacture Cannabis for Research with Veterans
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