Happy to report that we filed our reply brief in Sisley v. DEA, NO. 20-71433 (9th Cir.) last night. I've decided to attach all the briefing here for those who are interested.

Sisley Petition for Review


Sisley Opposition to MTD


CA9 Order Denying MTD

Sisley Opening Brief

IAVA Amicus Brief

Scientists' Amicus Brief

Rice University Amicus Brief

DEA Answering Brief

Sisley Reply Brief

This is an important and interesting case Matt Zorn and I are working on pro bono. We represent Scottsdale Research Institute, Dr. Suzanne Sisley, and several veterans in a challenge the five-part test DEA has used to keep marijuana in Schedule I for decades despite a historic wave of acceptance of marijuana as medicine by the traditional gatekeepers of the medical practice in our federal system--the States.

Stay tuned!

Reply Brief Filed in Sisley v. DEA (CA9)
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